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Login Manager is a powerful, robust system that enables web administrators to manage website user accounts easily, create membership protected areas, and effortlessly prevent unauthorized user access to secured areas.

Login Manager 3 (“LM3”) uses PHP and MySQL for lightning fast processing. It comes with a control panel that enables an administrator to create new user accounts and new secured access areas, as well as activate/deactivate user accounts, send emails to members, and more. LM3 permits two types of member accounts: those created through member registration (signup), and those created by the Administrator. LM3 assists administrators in handling these features with ease.

In short, Login Manager 3 offers a quick, easy, reliable way to provide comprehensive gate keeping for any site that meets the system requirements, so that web visitors must be authorized before entering that site's secured areas

See our demo to learn more about LM3.


1. Flexibility
Login Manager V3(LM3) can be easily installed on your web server, script enables webmaster to add protection to a site rapidly. Configuration features allow a wide range of options. With LM3, you're just one step away from implementing your web site as you need.

2. Speed
LM3 uses PHP and MySQL for fast, efficient, professional processing.

3. Security
LM3 uses specially constructed, hidden system files to protect member areas. Unauthorized users cannot access the protected area until they enter a correct login ID and password. All passwords are saved in encrypted format.

4. Ease of use
LM3 comes with a powerful administrator's subsystem that allows administrative control over a wide variety of functions, including user authorization, de-authorization, the ability to view a member's account activity log, the ability to customize the welcome page for a member's first time login, and the easy expansion of login protection to additional areas of the site.

Key Features:

Users log in through a standard HTML form which can be customized to the style and language of your site.This feature enables you to eliminate the all too familiar, standard login popup box.

Selected directories are secured against unauthorized access by special, hidden system files customized by Easebay to intercept incoming traffic.

An unlimited number of membership protected directories may be assigned.

Login Manager includes an easy-to-use Administrator Control Panel.

Administrators can quickly create new member accounts, or allow users sign up and create their own accounts.Members may be assigned selective access to one or more protected directories, based on privilege levels.

User Profiles may be maintained by Users or Administrators.

Member accounts may be enabled or disabled by the Administrator.

A custom welcome page may be implemented to greet a Member after first time login.

The Administrator can easily send email to groups of Members or to an individual user.

Login Manager includes an automated procedure for Lost Password Retrieval.

LM3 includes an optional automated process to require new Member validation by email.

LM3 maintains an Account Activity Log to track the participation of each Member.

The system backup/restore feature assures data reliability.

Fast PHP and MySQL processing drive each data transaction.

Login Manager 3 is very easy to install on your web server.

Optional installation service is available.

…and much more...

System Requirements:

Please check with your web hosting provider before purchasing to make sure your site's host supports the following required features:

Operating System: Linux/FreeBSD, Windows.

Scripting Language: PHP 4 or later

Database: MYSQL 3.23 or later

Web Server: Apache

Authorization for the use of “.htaccess” files in your domain

These system requirements are provided by most web hosting companies, LM3 can be easily integrated with any existing website running on a host that meets these requirements. If your hosting company does not offer one or more of these features, please email us with details to determine whether other options are available.



...I would like to add that this project is very important to us with the considerable funding involved and the potential for large membership, and my experience to-date suggest that I have found a very responsible, capable and supportive technology partner. I will therefore be sure to recommend your product and services to others in reciprocation, and look forward to the potential for future business as the SpamForce Project matures.

Brendan Townsend.

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