Paypal Subscription Manager       

Paypal Subscription Manager allows webmaster easily create subscription web site, visitors can access to digital product instantly after paying through Paypal, PSM provides ability to effortlessly process subscription and protect membership areas.

PSM uses Paypal IPN to handle user payment, webmaster can pre-define multiple subscription plans, one-time or recurring payment, trial period subscription, etc. Membership security feature provides user only accessible to subscribed products, unauthorized access will be blocked.

PayPal is without question the good payment solution for small businesses and webmasters who want to sell digital goods online. Paypal Subscription Manager makes it even easier for you to use Paypal to process payments for your subscription or membership web site.

See our demo to learn more about PSM.


1. Flexibility
Paypal Subscription Manager(PSM) can be easily installed on your web server, and integrated with your website, Webmaster is able to define unlimited protected folders and unlimited paypal subscription packages, PSM provides you an easy way to improve your e-product website and gain more traffic.

2. Speed
PSM uses PHP and MySQL for fast, efficient, professional processing.

3. Security
PSM provides subscription protection for you, unauthorized user cannot access to protected areas until s/he made payment through Paypal. PSM works with PayPal's IPN to verify that you have received payment before user can access to member areas.

4. Ease of use
PSM comes with an ease to use admin control panel, that allows administrative control over a wide variety of functions, including define e-product protected areas, paypal subscription packages, provide flexibility to view user account and subscription status, and ability to view account activity log.

Key Features:

PSM(Paypal Subscription Manager) provides completely automated member subscription process.

Protect your products or documents under password protected folders.

Easy to setup subscription plan, you can provide website visitors multiple packages(plans), like "gold plan", "silver plan"...

Option to setup trial period subscription.

Collect one-time or recurring payments instantly.

Instant access to your member subscription areas after user makes payment.

PSM works with PayPal's IPN to verify that you have received payment before user can access to member areas.

PSM checks each transaction to prevent from fraudulent order.

Handle unlimited subscription plan and unlimited protected areas as you need.

Either member or admin can easily cancel subscription at any time.

For cancelled, expired subscription, or refund payment, script disables user's access to member area right away.

Sends email notification when user signup, cancel subscription. Script also nofities user if subscription has expired.

"Easy To Use" admin control panel.

Our DEMO site provides you both live Paypal and "manual" test, where you can find more features...

System Requirements:

Please check with your web hosting provider before purchasing to make sure your site's host supports the following required features:

Operating System: Linux/FreeBSD, Windows.

Scripting Language: PHP 4 or later

Database: MYSQL 3.23 or later

Web Server: Apache

Paypal Business Account

Authorization for the use of “.htaccess” files in your domain

These system requirements are provided by most web hosting companies, if your hosting company does not offer one or more of these features, please email us with details to determine whether other options are available.

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